Use Firebase authentication, upload, storage, CRUD functionalities

Authentication Using Firebase

This starter provides you with Login, Signup and Reset Password functionality using Firebase Authentication.
You can test the authentication in the already provided app code.
When you want to attach the authentication process to your own Firebase project, simply get the config parameters from Firebase console.
Once you have the config parameters, paste them in the environment files in the starter code. There are two environment files, one for dev and one for prod app.
Environment files for Firebase config
This configuration can be imported in app.module.ts and main.ts by importing the environment
import { environment } from 'src/environments/environment';
Make sure to have the config in the when you create a production build

Code Structure

Folders for Firebase features
The src/app/pages/firebase folder contains the code related to
  • Login - Email login
  • Signup - Email signup
  • Image Upload
  • CRUD data functions - firebase-home
These files use service data and functions provided in src/app/services/firestore
  • filestorage.service.ts - For storage purpose
  • firebase-authentication.service.ts - For Authentication functions
  • - For CRUD functions
When you are using the app Sidemenu, the Login option actually performs a Logout actions to take you to the Login page.