Removing a plugin

How to remove an unwanted plugin from the Ionic 5 Full App
Since Ionic 5 Full App is a huge project, you might not need all the plugins for all your requirements. Unnecessary plugins can cause issues with build, or at least cause the build to become heavy.
In most cases, you would want to remove a plugin from the project. Always remove a plugin using cordova CLI
$ ionic cordova plugin rm plugin-name
Sometimes user remove plugins by deleting the plugin folder from plugins folder, but the plugin is defined in config.xml as well as package.json . Removing the plugin using the CLI removes all trace of it.

Modifying dependencies of a plugin

If you are modifying dependencies of a plugin, it is preferable to do it in config.xml and/or package.json
Modifying plugin in plugins folder will not always work because on a new project setup, the plugin will again pick the dependencies from config.xml and/or package.json