Woo-commerce Integration

Learn how to use Woo-commerce integration from Ionic 5 Full App
Woocommerce pages can be found at src/app/pages/woocommerce and the service functions can be found atsrc/app/services/woocommerce


  • Shop Page - woocommerce-products
    Fetches all products. Filters can be used here
  • Product Detail Page - product-details
    • All product details shown here
  • Cart Page - cart
    • Cart page for selected products
  • Checkout - checkout
    • Checkout page with payment methods
  • Orders
    • Order history page for previous orders
  • Order-details
    • Previous order details

Connecting to Woocommerce

To connect the app to Woocommerce, you need the
  • Base URL - the url of your wordpress installation
  • Consumer Key - Found from Woocommerce settings
  • Consumer Secret - Found from Woocommerce settings
You can change these in src/app/services/woocommerce/woo-commerce.service.ts


WooCommerce includes two ways to authenticate with the WP REST API. It is also possible to authenticate using any WP REST API authentication plugin or method. For sake of simplicity, we have directly used userID for placing orders etc.
Details of authentication can be found in official Woocommerce documentation.
Similarly, check details of API parameters and models for all methods on following links
Shop page / Products
Product detail page
Order history
Order details
All these functions can be found in src/app/services/woocommerce in Ionic 5 Full App.