Starter Features

Take your Ionic Framework app to the next leveI using this starter app template. Check all the features, designs and beautiful components that you can use on your app!

All in with Ionic 4 and Angular 7

This Ionic 4 Template includes lots of Ionic 4 components coded the angular way and features that you will love. Along this documentation we will explain you how to use each of them.

100% Flexible and Customizable

The template includes lots of pages, features and components but you are free to use just what you need and delete the code you don't. The code structure is super modularized so you will find easy to modify the code to fit your needs.

CSS variables for the win

CSS Variables provide easy customization of an application and allow a value to be stored in one place, then referenced in multiple other places. So, for example if you want to change the colors of your app, by just changing some variables your app will have the desired colors in just a few seconds!


This documentation was built with a lot of effort to help you get the most out of this Ionic 4 template. If there is anything that you don't understand please drop us an email at and we will try to explain it better.

Main Features and Pages

Go to the our site to see the main Features and Pages of this amazing Ionic 4 Taxi Booking complete platform .